closet organization project: skirt hanger

Here’s a little closet organization project to cut down on hanging space.  When I hung up my skirts they just took up too much space….
So I came up with a solution…
A vertical skirt hanger.
Here’s how to make one…
{what you need}
2 strips of fabric 2 ½ in wide … length is your to your desire.. mine were about 2 ½ ft
Ribbon … 1 in wide
Snaps or Velcro
{what you do}
Iron interfacing onto your strips. I pieced together some scraps I had.
Sew the two strips together right sides together on 3 sides using a ¼ seam {the two long sides and one short side}…
Note: I usually don’t clip corners. I think it weakens them. I just take a mechanical pencil {without lead} and poke the corners. It works great to get them nice and square.

Press flat

This part is a little tricky…
At the top {the side not sewn} iron a section perpendicular to the rest of the strip. This will be the part that will wrap around a closet rod. Make sure you have enough fabric to wrap around your closet rod with extra to add the fastener. I measured and pinned the fabric to where I would iron. My closet rod is only about 1 ½ in in diameter and I ironed about 5-6in at the top.

Top stitch the top section only.
I hope these pictures will help me explain this next part. It is hard to put into words….
Below the top  section, sew across the strip like this… {follow along with the pictures}

Then sew each corner….
Again, sorry for the rough explanation. It is much easier to do than to explain! You’ll get it! {And I think following the pictures will be better than a confusing explination.}  

Cut your ribbon pieces into 4 in sections. Then finish the ends by melting them a little with a flame. I used 7 on each side for a total of 14 pieces of ribbon. Depending on the length you chose you may need more or less.

Fold the ribbons in half and pin them to the fabric strip, one on each side of the fabric. I evenly spaced them and pinned them 4in apart.

Sew across each set of ribbons.
Finish the open side then add your snaps or Velcro to the top section like so…

Hang in your closet.

Hang in your closet.

Enjoy your newly organized closet space.

I used this for skirts but it can also be used for any of your clothes. Pants and baby/kid clothes would work great!
Update {3.30.12}
The organizer is working great! The snaps are strong enough to hold all my skirts… it is pretty heavy. If you have any questions let me know or leave a comment! 🙂
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3 thoughts on “closet organization project: skirt hanger

  1. Wow ! How do you come up with these things ? I have been looking through blogs for a long time and I have not seen that many original projects not seen all over the place. Keep on crafting girl !


  2. Thats such a great tip to organize small closets. I'm having hard time managing mine, im considering this idea for a weekend project.


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