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Well, I have another DVD case project for you! I love this one! When I was young my family would take a lot of road trips. And, back then, iPads, iPods, Nintendo DXs, and whatever small electronic device the kids use these days were just not available. 🙂 So, my brother and I would bring along books and travel games. I still love those travel games. Anything small and compact that was fun! And after the huge response from the DVD coloring case, and my HUGE pile of empty DVD case still at my house, I had to think of some other uses! So I have a travel checkers game in a DVD case!!

Here we go!

{what you need}
empty DVD case
2 pieces of cardboard, 5×7.25 inches
3/4 inch wide Velcro in 2 colors
24 buttons, 12 in one color, 12 in another {plus a few more for kings}
card stock cut to 5×7.25 inches

utility knife
spray adhesive
glue gun and glue

{what you do}

First, cut around the DVD holder of the case. Insert a self healing mat in between the clear plastic and the case, then cut. See more details here.

Cut out cardboard and wrap both pieces in fabric of our choice. Spray adhesive works great for this. Glue both pieces inside the DVD case. I used hot glue for this part.

Cut 32 square pieces of each color of velcro, the fuzzy side.

Starting at the inside edge, start creating one half of a checker board pattern with the velcro pieces gluing them down with hot glue. An 4 x 8 square will be on each half so when put together it will be 8 x 8 square. Do the same for the other side.

Place a strip of velcro alongside the grid on each side to store pieces.

Cut circles out of the hook side of velcro and hot glue them to the back of the buttons to create the game pieces.

Make a couple extra for the kings. Make them a little different so you can tell them apart, like making dots using nail polish.

Place the piece of card stock over the hole you cut and add a fun cover.

I used a case with the little tabs on the side to help keep the case closed. It is nice because the buttons and velcro make it a little thick.

I love this because it is compact and can pop in your travel bag, the Velcro board and pieces make the game bumpy road and turbulence proof, and can keep kids {or adults} happy on the road, plane, waiting room!!!

If you make one put a photo on the flickr group. I would love to see!


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21 thoughts on “travel checkers board

  1. Your DVD case ideas are amazing and this is too darn cute. My kids would have LOVED this even with their gameboys and ipods. 😀
    Thanks for sharing on BeColorful


  2. Thank you for this idea! I made one yesterday for my kids to use on the airplane and in the car while we vacation this next week. I would suggest people use the cardboard that is just the hard board, like chipboard, because i can barely get mine closed using cardboard from a box. Such a fun idea though! Now I am mad I threw out all my DVD cases! Guess I'll have to buy some more movies!


  3. fun! my kids are just getting into checkers and they would love if i made this for them!! or maybe we will make it together!!!


  4. You're brilliant! This is sersiouly a great idea – trying to think of other games I can make now!! Pinned it to hopefully make soon – I am travelling back to the States from Africa with my two little ones, and my my husband is joining me later, so I am scouring the web looking for ideas – thanks for another great one!!


  5. This is fantastic. When I saw the first picture I didn't even realize it was home-made. I scrolled down and to my delight found instructions on how to make the board. I honestly thought it was store-bought! Can't wait to try to make it now.


  6. Brilliant idea. I featured your post with link on my blog today. Best of luck to you!

    Debra Kristi ~ Live in reality. Play on the other side.


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