hello, my friend

after a long unintentional break, i am back to nourish this neglected blog. a lot has happened since the last time i have posted so here is a brief update!

we moved to las vegas!

the end.

ha! if only it was that short and sweet…. my husband (jake), son (bronson) and i moved to follow my husband’s job. we have been here for about 2 months and we are loving it. it is a huge change from our home in Wisconsin but we are looking forward to getting to know the area better and to not freeze our behinds off in the winter!

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so, what does that mean for this little ol’ blog? hopefully more attention! after a decision between my husband and me, we decided it would be best if i would stay home with our now 2 year old son. now that i do not have a full time teaching job, bronson and i have more time together to play, explore our new city and have loads of time for kid and momma projects!!

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i have a lot of ideas brewing and i plan on sharing it all with you! i have been working on a few things, some quick projects that are ready to be shared and some longer projects that are still in the works.

check back here soon or follow me on instagram @stacyvaughn for updates!


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